Customer Reviews

And the Survey Says…

At the close of every claim, ICC sends a satisfaction survey to the insured. The following comments are taken from survey responses.

“I was extremely surprised and very happy with how helpful my adjuster was. I've never experienced this, unfortunately, in the past with other insurance companies. He explained everything thoroughly and seemed genuinely compassionate and helpful.”

“Everything was explained in terms we could understand. All calls were returned promptly. We felt ICC was really behind us and gave us great advice on choosing a good contractor.”

“I was very pleased that Illinois Casualty stood behind me and didn't just pay them to 'go away.' All of the evidence was considered, and the call was made to defend the claim.”

“My claims adjuster was highly professional and knowledgeable. He did an excellent job in working with me to obtain my claim and clearly stated the process, as this is a first time claim for me. I extend my appreciation to him and to Illinois Casualty Company.”

“Very simple process on my end. Almost everything was taken care of immediately, and they handled all of it with very little required of me. Thank you!”

“The people who handled our account were very knowledgeable and helped us understand each step of the process. We are truly grateful to have their support. Thank you!”

“My sincere thank you to everyone at ICC for making this process as easy as possible. Also, everything was explained so well and in detail. Being new to the restaurant and bar business, I really appreciated the help.”

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